Saturday, October 24, 2009

How much would you pay to kiss this...?

Dear Controversy Monster,

I couldn't help but notice the drama surrounding Charlize Theron kissing another woman for charity. The lovely actress auctioned off a 25-second kiss to the highest bidder -- and got a whopping 140,000 dollars from another woman.

I myself have no issue with this; it was only a kiss and it was for charity, but there has been a firestorm surrounding the event, mostly with people sneering that she was behaving like a "lesbian whore" or that "our children don't need to see that".

What exactly are the "children" seeing? It was a kiss! And I'm sure your kids have seen people kissing before, so is the issue really that it was a woman kissing another woman, as opposed to a man? If some man had paid 140,000 to kiss Theron, would this be an issue?

Or, better yet, if it had been another attractive actress, instead of a normal looking women, would people mind? If, for example, Olive Wilde had paid the money, how would the reaction be different? Wouldn't more people be talking about how "steamy" and "hot" it was?

When I first saw the kiss I didn't think anything gay or homophobic about it; I simply saw it and silently agreed in my head that I would willingly give 140,000 to kiss her! The fact that is has been attacked with homophobic jests and comments on how she is "now a lesbian" and a "slut" really tells the world a whole lot about you.

If anything is disgusting here it's your ignorance and the fact that you opened your mouth to voice your "concerns". From the moment it hit the press, the issue has never been about concern for kids, or any other such thing.

Attack it if you must, but how dare you hide behind "concerns for the kids" and pretend the issue isn't with you. If you are going to be so bold as to make an ill-thought comment, the least you could do is stick to your guns and come out swinging; at least I could admire a small part of you for that.

With love,
A Woman Made of Dust


Kate said...

Very good points. Unfortunately homophobia appears to still be alive and well.

Kate x

spldbch said...

This was the first I'd heard of the "kiss controversy" but I agree with you. It was for a good cause and it's really not a big deal.

Dayne Gingrich said...

Damn... I wish sometimes I wish I was 19 again, so I could be really immature here and be "a guy" and give that little boy's perspective.

She's "attractive."

Girl kissing another girl?

I'm done now.

missykimmy said...

I haven't heard about this anywhere, but I completely agree with you. Some people always use the excuse of children when they don't approve of something instead of being honest with themselves and everyone around. Well I don't approve of this. Children don't need to see that.